A seasoned clinician specializing in adolescents, adults, families, and post-adoption services

Step right up, step right in, come and enjoy the trouble you’re in.
— Coyote Old Man

Welcome to the web existence of Bruce Triska, Licensed Professional Counselor, a seasoned clinician who specializes in working with adults, adolescent’s and families whose life circumstance has culminated in an acute crisis of confidence culminating in depression, anxiety, fear, traumatic stress and the dis-ease of addiction.

I see psychotherapy as a form of art, as well as a spiritual practice. As an art, rather than a behavioral science, I value not controlling where the process must go but focus on developing the skill to follow the unfolding experience. Like an exercise, this approach is playful and combines pleasure with mastery through practice. As a spiritual practice, it is a course of study, a long term exploration of what it is to be a human being and live a good life.

This process is a corrective experience without the stereotypical trappings of “seeing the shrink.” Personal problems are addressed, but this process is not a disease model with all the “fix it” approaches. It is a practice of awareness and being with “what is” with a curiosity,  self kindness and openness. The corrective response is an ability to be proactive and be clearly present to any given situation, with the wisdom to draw upon all of our gifts, and ever mindful of our weaknesses.

The process of integrating ones life circumstances, taking disowned parts of ourselves and integrating them into a cohesive whole is a creative, sometime daunting task.  The movement is towards a self acceptance that no longer inhibits spontaneity and flexibility in life but enhances relationships to people, and in turn re-engaging the community.

If you or someone you know could benefit from psychotherapy please have them contact me for a free consultation at 214-513-2100.